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kidseat-recyclers-logoWe’re going green with that old car seat!!

Our program is keeping those bulky old car seat out of the landfills and we are one of the only companies doing so in Canada. Without Kidseat Recyclers, the only other option is to throw your car seat in the garbage. But, with the help of our plastics recycler Friendly Earth, we are working hard to recycle as many seats as we can.

Check out our web site for drop locations and all the info on this great new option here in Calgary and surrounding areas.

The “CRASH TEST” results are in and it’s very exciting news for our Head Snugglers!!

We had them crash tested to make sure we could confidently come to you the consumer and say they are, in fact, safe to add to a child’s car seat.

The results show that for a rear facing infant carrier, the Head Snuggler is completely negligible as it flies off the car seat due to the momentum of the impact. (Click on the link below to view footage).

The results also show that for the forward facing car seat, the poundage that the Head Snuggler was able to withstand is far less than the mass of a child’s head on impact. Thus, the child’s head and body still move in the same motion in an accident, regardless of if they are wearing a Head Snuggler or not. (Click on the link below to view footage).

The data collected from the sensors on both dummies showed that their excursion results were well within the allowable limits for each seat on impact, meaning the Head Snuggler did not cause any injury, but also did not prevent any. It is a comfort device and is not designed to protect or prevent injury in a collision. (Click on the link below to view overhead footage).

Our Testing facility contact information:

MGA Research Corporation

5000 Warren Road Burlington, WI 53105

262.763.2705 ph.       262.763.0934 fax

Please note, MGA is an independent testing facility and does not endorse any products they test. They also do not certify that a product will or will not do any harm to a child during a crash event. The findings are based purely on the data collected from the tests.

wrong head support

Transport Canada has an official position on adding accessories (or third-party aftermarket additions) to car seats. Their main concerns are the products that come between the seat and the child or the child and the restraints.
Transport Canada does NOT endorse or approve of any third-party aftermarket products, that is not their job. They are in place to assure the safety of products and based on their criteria, it is safe to conclude our Head Snuggler would be a better choice for supporting a child’s head and neck while resting in a car seat as it does NOT come between the seat and the child nor does it interfere with the restraints in any way.

Click on the link below to see all of the products not recommended by Transport Canada.

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