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The “CRASH TEST” results are in and it’s very exciting news for our Head Snugglers!!

We had them crash tested to make sure we could confidently come to you the consumer and say they are, in fact, safe to add to a child’s car seat.

The results show that for a rear facing infant carrier, the Head Snuggler is completely negligible as it flies off the car seat due to the momentum of the impact. (Click on the link below to view footage).

The results also show that for the forward facing car seat, the poundage that the Head Snuggler was able to withstand is far less than the mass of a child’s head on impact. Thus, the child’s head and body still move in the same motion in an accident, regardless of if they are wearing a Head Snuggler or not. (Click on the link below to view footage).

The data collected from the sensors on both dummies showed that their excursion results were well within the allowable limits for each seat on impact, meaning the Head Snuggler did not cause any injury, but also did not prevent any. It is a comfort device and is not designed to protect or prevent injury in a collision. (Click on the link below to view overhead footage).

Our Testing facility contact information:

MGA Research Corporation

5000 Warren Road Burlington, WI 53105

262.763.2705 ph.       262.763.0934 fax

Please note, MGA is an independent testing facility and does not endorse any products they test. They also do not certify that a product will or will not do any harm to a child during a crash event. The findings are based purely on the data collected from the tests.

melrose-kids-logo-final2.pngFrequently Asked Questions: Things we want you to know!!

Is the Head Snuggler safe to use on my child?

The Head Snuggler is safe to use when used as recommended. In fact, the Head Snuggler is a safer way of supporting a child’s head and neck while they rest in a car seat than many alternatives, as it does not come between the seat and the child or the child and the restraints, as discouraged by Transport Canada.

Can my child suffocate while using a Head Snuggler?

No, the Head Snuggler is made of breathable cotton. As well, when it’s used on a child in the appropriate manor, the Head Snuggler “tents” around the sides of the head allowing for air to circulate around the child’s head and face. We never recommend that you leave a child unattended in a car seat. As the Head Snuggler is solely designed to be used on a child while they are traveling in a vehicle (or umbrella stroller), your child should be under supervision at all times. If you notice the Head Snuggler has slipped into what looks like an uncomfortable position, simply adjust it.

I’m concerned my child won’t keep it on?

As with anything new, your child will likely need to get used to their Head Snuggler. We always suggest when first introducing your child to the Head Snuggler, tell them what it is all about, but for the first few times you may need to wait until they fall asleep. Affix the Head Snuggler to the seat before your trip, pushing it up and out of the way while not in use. Then, when your child is fast asleep, you can simply reach back (if you are a passenger) or pull over and gently pull the Head Snuggler down into position. You can even pull it down around their eyes for added shade.

What ages is it used for?

The Head Snuggler was designed for all ages, from infants in bucket seats, to toddlers in forward-facing car seats, to children who have grown out of their car seat all together. It can be used with the vehicle’s own head rests for children with the backless boosters or no car seat at all.

What car seats does the Head Snuggler work with?

The Head Snuggler was carefully designed to work with most bucket seats, toddler seats, booster seats and most basic umbrella strollers. It was made with a specific blend of material to give it a good stretch in order to fit around the car seats that are either narrow or wide at the top. It is usable on most brands and shapes.

What if my vehicle doesn’t have head rests?

Unfortunately, if the vehicle doesn’t have head rests and your child is now out of a car seat, there is no way to affix the Head Snuggler. We’ve found that most vehicles do have headrests, so this shouldn’t be a problem for most.

What if my vehicle has built-in car seats?

Most vehicles with built-in car seats have headrests. If you find the Head Snuggler is a bit loose as the headrest may be narrow, simply gather any excess material at the back of the headrest and wrap an elastic around the material. Sometimes a little improvising may be necessary, but we’re sure you will find it worth the effort when your child is resting in a more comfortable position for those long drives.

What strollers can you use a Head Snuggler with?

The Head Snuggler can be used with basic umbrella strollers or any stroller with a back that isn’t attached fully to the handles.

What are they made of?

The Head Snuggler is 100% Canadian Made using a 90% Cotton/10%spandex breathable knit. It is designed to be soft and have stretch in order to fit different sizes of car seats.

MomsBest-Seal-Large-WEBONLYWe are so excited to say that our Head Snugglers have won the Mom’s Best Award.

We are very honoured to be along side these other great winning products. If you’d like to see all the winners,
click on the seal above!!

Thanks MBA for your faith and trust in our product!

WE can tell you they work, WE can tell you we’ve used them on our kids for years, WE can tell you they are the greatest thing since sliced bread…but what else would we say right??

Why not hear from other parents who’ve put our Head Snuggler to the test…here are some of our reviews.

    • Smile a Day Giveaways – Mar 2011   Melrose Kids has the solution we have been looking for! Every parent needs one of these for each of their kids!!!.We LOVE our head snuggler, its been such a life saver with all the traveling lately, thank you so much for such a great product!!!

  • Mommy Living the Life of Riley – Aug 2010

  • This Bird’s Day – Aug 2010

  • Natural Mommie – July 2010

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  • Calgary Daddy – July 2010

  • Simply Stacie – July 2010

  • Mommy Kat and Kids – June 2010

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  • Saskatoon Moms – June 2010

“The Head Snuggler – oh my!!! it was an INSTANT hit with my daughter. I have a few photos of her using it the day we got it. She LOVES it and there was no problem with her using it.  We have been going back and forth to the lake as we got some water damage with all this darn rain and it’s great for her to get her naps in while on the road!”

  • Christie Schultz, Founder & CEO Entrepreneurial Moms International – March 2010

As a busy, multi-tasking family with three kids under the age of five-years-old who never stop until the carseats’ five-point-harnesses make them do so, we invariably find a kid or two slumped over in their carseats in deep slumber. The health and safety of their air passageways and spine have probably been my single biggest worry while on the go in the car, as I know that this position can reduce their oxygen intake and be very detrimental for them in the event of an accident.  Though I’m surrounded by mom entrepreneurs and I see a lot of children’s products pass my way, when I found Melrose Kids’ Head Snuggler I instantly recognized the genius of the product!  I now have complete peace of mind in transit as my three-year-old pulls the Snuggler down on his own forehead to take a nap now! No more slumping head, and no more worry.  Thank you Melrose Kids, for creating this amazingly practical and potentially life-saving product to protect our precious little people.

  • Lunchbox Magazine – March 24, 2010

  • – March 19, 2010

  • LaVonne Ries – Children’s Restraint Safety Technician (CRST)

What an amazing product!

I was given the chance to try out a Head Snuggler and I couldn’t help but wonder if my five year old would use it, but after explaining to her that it was going to help her head from falling forward when she slept in her car seat, she was eager to try it. Sure enough within minutes of her pulling it on, she was asleep and I saw the results immediately. She was sleeping in a proper position for the seatbelt and her head was supported correctly. The best part was when she awoke, she didn’t complain of a sore neck as she often does.

As a mom and certified children’s restraint safety technician, traveling safely with my little girl is a number one priority. As a parent, we can only learn what best practice is and do our best to try to keep our children out of harms way. Knowing that this product has been crash tested and does not interfere with any harness positioning, or come between the child and their restraints, as Transport Canada warns against, I am happy to be using a Head Snuggler.

LaVonne Ries, CRST (Children’s Restraint Safety Technician) and MOM

(LaVonne Ries has been a CRST since 2006 and has performed over 6000 car seat inspections).

  • – Jan 8, 2010:

  • Blogger review:

  • Blogger review:

  • Blogger review:

  • Blogger review:

  • Blogger review:

  • Karen, Calgary, AB – “I recently purchased one of these Head Snugglers and my son loves it! It helped him remain comfortably asleep in his car seat for hours.”
  • article/review:

  • Yvonne, London, Ontario– “Great Product, I have been looking for something like this for years.”
  • Kieron & Leanne Warren, Calgary, AB – “My wife & I saw the Head Snuggler & thought finally someone has developed a common sense way to stop kids from having terrible posture when sleeping in the car! We purchased two right away & put them to the test within a couple of hours. They are amazing! The kids love them, they are easy to use & they come in some great patterns. We will be getting two more immediately for our other vehicle. Don’t leave home without one! Thanks Melrose Kids!!”

  • Kimberly Hurst, Lundbreck, AB – “This is actually the second order I have placed for a Head Snuggler.  I ordered one May 4th as well and decided to get a second one for the stroller and one as a gift for a friend.  I have been telling friends with children to order them as well because I liked how mine worked.  One has already ordered one for herself and a few as presents!  Thank you for a wonderful product that has answered many mothers prayers, I feel better now when my little guy falls asleep in the truck on our way to town.”

  • Robyn Kirsch, 123 Baby Inc. Drayton Valley, AB – “As a retailer of the Head Snuggler, I have heard nothing but good response from my friends, family and customers when I show it to them. Some of my family works for a local chiropractor, and the Doctor has allowed me to showcase the Head Snuggler in his office because he loves the concept. He is even buying some for his own grandkids. Anyone who has had a child sleeping in their vehicle knows how painful it looks when they are slumped over with their chin on their chest, and everyone I have talked to loves the fact that someone has found a solution.

  • Stacey, Bug & Blossom, Calgary, AB – “We have only been selling the Head Snuggler by Melrose Kids for a few short weeks and are just about ready to re-order for both of our stores!  Our customers are elated with this wonderful “must have product”.  We are excited to offer our great customer base a safe alternative to address the floppy head syndrome.  We tell our customers about the great benefits for long trips and the fact that their little ones will wake well rested and free of neck cramps.  This super smart Mom invention will most certainly become our #1 seller in it’s category.  Anyone who knows our store knows that it is our focus to bring our customers new, innovative, fun & functional products for babies, children & Mom.  The Head Snuggler is sure to be a bug & blossom shining star!
    Thank you Melanie for inventing a truly innovative, original & most of all safe product for our little people.

  • Blogger review:

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  • Blogger review:

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  • Blogger review:

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  • Blogger review:

wrong head support

Transport Canada has an official position on adding accessories (or third-party aftermarket additions) to car seats. Their main concerns are the products that come between the seat and the child or the child and the restraints.
Transport Canada does NOT endorse or approve of any third-party aftermarket products, that is not their job. They are in place to assure the safety of products and based on their criteria, it is safe to conclude our Head Snuggler would be a better choice for supporting a child’s head and neck while resting in a car seat as it does NOT come between the seat and the child nor does it interfere with the restraints in any way.

Click on the link below to see all of the products not recommended by Transport Canada.

Final Head Snuggler logoWe are excited to say that we are getting our Head Snugglers in new stores all the time.

DEC 2/2009 – Here are some of our recently added retail locations!! You can find our Head Snugglers at:

Jilly’s Closet – 5004 Broadway Avenue, Blackfalds, AB

Kidz N More -915 A Redwood Drive,  Garberville CA, USA

Lullabies and Mudpies – Village Ave. Okotoks, AB

(For a complete list of store locations, please click here.)

If you would like to carry our Head Snugglers, we’d love to hear from you! For Canadian retailers please contact

For US and international retailers, please email us at

Wishing you and your family safe and comfy travels!!


Melrose Kids Inc. is not only an environmentally friendly company, but we are also a company dedicated to giving back.

It is our mission to give back on a very large scale in this lifetime and beyond. We are constantly working on our charitable arm and hope to have The Melrose Kids Fund up and running in the near future.

Until then, we plan to commit a portion of all our sales to a variety of children’s charities, such as the the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, Cards from Africa (which helps children who have been orphaned in Rwanda), KCCFA (The Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta), etc.

If you have a suggestion as to where you’d like us to funnel our support, please let us know. We are always looking for more ways to help.

In the future, we are also hoping to fund a trip to Rwanda to help out in person at some of the orphanages or where our services would most be needed.

Stay tuned for updates on our very exciting journey as a company and family. We look forward to making lives brighter in this world!!

Melrose Kids

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